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Business Services
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Republic Day Flea & Fest @ Bangalor (For Sale)

Republic Day Flea & Fest @ Bangalore - BookMyStall

BookMyStall is a unique platform for the Event managers to sell stall space to the

public. By Connecting Event Organisers and Stall Vendors in a single platform, so Find

stall spaces in Todays Lifestyle Exhibitions Expos, Flea markets, Fashion Events,

College Fests, Carnivals, Festivals etc.

For More Details: Republic Day Flea & Fest @ Bangalore
Contact Us: +91 9703949871 | Mail ID:
Day: 26th Jan 2019
From 09:00 AM To 10:00 PM
Prestige Sunrise Park Apartments, Electronic City, Bangalore 560100.

Stalls Price:

1 Day -4800/-
Tables - 3
Chairs - 2
Food Stall - Canopy

1 Day -2800/-
Tables - 1
Chairs - 1
Half Stall - Canopy

1 Day -4800/-
Tables - 2
Chairs - 2
Full Stall - Canopy


Fitness Equipments, Mens Wear, Health & Medical, Kids Wear, Electronic Gadgets, Home

Decor, Kitchenware, Handicrafts, Women Wear, Jewellery.

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#Fashionevents #ExhibitionNearMe #EventsNearme #FleaMarket.