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15K-25K, Extra Teaching Bonus, Kindergar (For Sale)

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To Apply visit this link:
Kindergarten teacher needs ONE female ESL teacher.
Primary school teacher needs THREE, English teacher s.
Middle school teacher needs two, math and sc ience.
1. Qualifications
1. &nbs p; &n bsp; &nbs p; Native English speaker from USA, Canada, UK and Australia are preferable.
2. &nbs p; &n bsp; &nbs p; Bachelor degree or above, teaching certificates are necessary for primary teacher and middle school teachers *(PGCE or IB)
3. &nbs p; &n bsp; &nbs p; Background in subjects including but not limited to math, physics, chemistry, biology, IT, English literature, social studies, business, etc. *
4. &nbs p; &n bsp; &nbs p; Teaching experience abov e 2 years is preferable.
5. &nbs p; &n bsp; &nbs p; Good command of communication skill
6. &nbs p; &n bsp; &nbs p; Passion for teaching and experiencing different cultures
7. &nbs p; &n bsp; &nbs p; Good health and friendly personality