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18000-25000RMB Monthly For Beijing Kinde (For Sale)

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To Apply visit this link:
Professional Teacher- Early Childhood Education
Job type: Full-time
About us
The Learn Room is currently seeking the services of a certified educator to join and work with a team of skilled teachers. We are a Haidian-based child care and learning center committed to the provision of academic excellence and improvement in intellectuals for kids in the district and surrounding areas.
Are you smart, easily loved by kids, passionate about imparting knowledge and would love to earn an attractive pay monthly
Here at Learn Room, we value every child's academic growth and we do not relent on our effort in appreciating our team of teachers who work towards helping our pupils in areas of quality education and care. We are an amazing organization and we would be glad to have a passionate and professional educator join our team.
Basically, we are in need of teachers who are capable of understanding the uni