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16-25k Native Teachers Needed In Beijing (For Sale)

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16-25k Native English Teachers Needed in Beijing Kindergarten ASAP

Beijing * * Kindergarten in Beijing, China, is looking for 20 full-time teachers. We have ten different kindergartens around Beijing and each kindergarten is clean, modern, and has a child-friendly environment, with fun loving staff made up of both Chinese and foreign teachers.


-North American, UK, Australian or New Zealand whose mother tongue and first spoken language are English. (If you are not a native English speaker but have mastered English, and are able to speak clearly without a prominent accent, then please also feel free to apply. );

-You are a Akkad person; outgoing, friendly, fun, and enjoy working with, and teaching younger children;

-You are dynamic, full of energy and can adapt in any situation;

-Patient, a good team leader, organized, and works well with others;

-Willing to learn and adapt cult