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Buy Heavy Duty Speed Hump Online (Free)

If are you looking for Best speed hump 75mm high heavy duty in Christchurch,New Zealand.Traffic R Us provide speed hump is 75mm high Heavy Duty which is very effective at slowing down both passenger vehicles and larger trucks down to under 30km/hr.It is made from an injection-molded high resistant rubber compound that produces a very heavy duty crash resistant speed hump.It is used in many types of applications, including shopping centers, warehouses, car parks, commercial premises, and private vehicles to control the speed of the vehicle. They aim at customer's satisfaction. if you are searching for this should visit at

Traffic R Us
Contact us :-
Postal Address: 527 Sawyers Arms Rd,PO Box 20493,
Bishopdale 8543,Christchurch
Tel: 03-354-8575