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Teacher Of Academic English/Computing/Ma (For Sale)

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To Apply visit this link:
English Teaching Position Information:
Teacher of Academic English
Zheng Chou (Computing/Academic English teacher)
Cang Chou (Academic English teacher)
Gan Chou (Mathematics/ Science/Computing teacher)
Jian Bailu Chou (Academic English teacher)
Changde (Academic English teacher)
Start date: September 2019
Contract Type: Full-time fixed term (1 or 2 school years contract with annual renewal thereafter)
1. What kind of teaching you will take:
- Teach Academic English at AP/GAC or 2+1/3+0 program in one of the best international high schools in China;
- Working with enthusiastic and motivated Chinese students (aged 15-17), the teacher really has the opportunity to connect with and get to know their students well;
- Our courses utilize a range of presentation, interactive whiteboard and app technology, so that the best experience can be given to both the teacher and the students in the classroo