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Teach Physics And Chemistry In Shanghai, (For Sale)

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Aboutthe school
Shanghai Experimental Foreign Language School is an outstanding A-level school in mainland China and has enjoyed a high reputation in the domestic field of international education. Our school has enabled hundreds of students to fulfill their unique potential and pursue their goals of entering into globally renowned universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, IC, UCL, Cornell, Mcgill, Toronto, Melbourne, and Hong Kong. Working in our school is not just a job, it is a chance to learn about China while gaining valuable overseas working experience.
About Shanghai
Shanghai is the largest city in China by population. It is a global financial centre and transport hub, with the world's busiest container port. Located in the Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai has been described as the showpiece of the booming economy of mainland China renowned for its Lujiazui skyline, and museums and historic buildings, such a