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18-25K Open Class Instructor (For Sale)

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18-25 K Open Class Instructor
Location: Beijing, China
This is an online learning service provider, focusing on English education for elementary school children ages 4-12. we combine the quality of top American online content providers with one-on-one classes with a foreign teacher A's all from the comfort of the student's home.
Job Description
Essential duties and responsibilities include the following.
Deliver approximately 15 hours per week
Particulate film/video making for curriculum, teacher training, marketing team to meet and excel standard.
Teaching in-person classes for privileged customers.
Design and deliver training to staff members at headquarter office and online teachers.
Requirements and Expectations
BA degree
At least one year teaching experience for 3-12 years old
Native Speaker with a standard pronunciation
Drama, Performance Arts or Music background is a strong advantage
Be able t