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Port Saint Lucie, FL
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Pharmacy Medical Billing (Trade)

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Learn more about Medicare, stay d with new rules and regulations hiring an expert professionalmedical billingandcodinglike MBC. Would you like to know more aboutPharmacy Medical Billingchanges? If you are the practitioner or into healthcare industry it is imperative that you prepare for the new changes coming for the 2019 year, you may decide that outsourcing youre billing and coding is a practical way to save time and money for your practice. MBCspecializes in medical billing and coding and offers a variety of other services to meet your practices needs. To know more visit us: or email us at-info@medicalbillersandcoders.comor call us at- 888-357-3226 (Eight-Eight-Eight-Three-Five-Seven-Three-Two-Two-Six).