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Shanghai, 19000-25000 RMB For Science In (For Sale)

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To Apply visit this link:
About Mad Science
Mad Science is the number 1 private-science educational company in the world. It has been for more than 30 years around the world and it is located in over 90 different cities.
If you want to be part of an international team and a multinational company, if you are a person willing to be part of a unique experience and have the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, then this job opportunity is for you
140 working hours per week ( 5 days a week) Which 8 - 12 hours are teaching hours. The rest are office hours for training's and preparation. Teachers must support every department such as marketing, research & development, training. etc during their o ffice hours.
2 Entertain and educate children through STEM educational system in the best international schools of Shanghai.
3 Write students' perf ormance feedback in the class.
4 Duties will be perform ed at the offi