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International G2 Primary English Teacher (For Sale)

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To Apply visit this link:

Must be a NATIVE speaker of English (Canadian, British, Australian, American), and is under 45 years old
Students age 6 - 10 years old (Grade 1 - 6)
Salary - 15000 - 20, 000 RMB/Month after tax (net). Equivalent to 1700 - 2200 pounds a month tax free. Depending on qualifications and teaching experience
Free fully furnished hotel style accommodation located around 15 minutes taxi ride away from the school (school provides a shuttle bus to and from the Primary campus)
Flights reimbursed
Medical insurance and working visa provided
12 month contract with paid holidays
Up to 25 lessons a week (with no office hours)
40 Min's a class
Working time is from 8. 30 - 5. 30 Monday - Friday (2 hours per day for lunch).
Graduate degree with either a PGCE (or teaching licence from their own country) or a Masters/ CELTA/DELTA
Should possess min of 3 years experience teaching English at Primary level

Language: Eng