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Non Native English Speakers Want To Work (For Sale)

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To Apply visit this link:
We are currently hiring English teacher to work at our training center in Guangzhou, start immediately. If you are highly skilled teacher who want to work in Guangzhou, we welcome you to be part of our school.

Job descriptions:
* Teach English in training center
* The students age are from 3-6 years old.
* Class size: 10-12 kids per class.

* The base salary is 13000 RMB -15000 RMB per month
* Accommodation will be provided
* Chinese assistant is avail able
*5000 RMB Air allowance is provided after completed one yea r contract

Teaching Schedule:
Work 5 days a week, two days off

* Native or European speakers with excellent accent
* Work visa preferred
* BA degree or high education preferred
To apply for this job, please directly apply online then we will contact you. Or Wechat us, ID: findworkabroad4

Salary: 13000 CNY(RMB) to 15000 CNY(RMB) Monthly
Housing: Please