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Teaching English In Hangzhou/Shaoxing, Z (For Sale)

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TEFL/ESL Teaching Position with EF Ningbo JOB DETAILS1. Student Age: 3-17years old2. Class size: no more than 13 students QUALIFICATIONS1. both native or non-native are acceptable2. holding Bachelor degree and currently hold (or are pursuing) a 120-hour TEFL certificate. 3. Experience working with children in any professional context is preferred but not necessary SALARY AND BENEFITSSalary: 9, 500 - 11000 RMB before tax per month Housing Allowance: 2, 000 RMB per month Yearly Flight Allowance: 9, 000 RMBVisa Cost Reimbursement: We reimburse all consular visa costs Yearly Performance Bonus: Up to 3, 000 RMBReferral Bonus: A gift card of 6, 000 RMBHealth Insurance: Medical and dental included Airport Pickup and Paid Hotel Upon Arrival: Of coarseness Classes: of course, live online Chinese classes through EF China's Chinesetown site. About TKT Certificates As part of your development you'll be able to ta