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Online Product Promoter (Wanted)

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[Employment form] Regular / Contract Employee
[Department] TC Division
[Work Location] Tokyo Head Office
[Nearest Station] Shinkiba Station

[Business trip content]
Area USA
Estimated trip frequency - To be determined
Estimated trip period - To be determined
[Application condition]
English Native Level
Japanese - Business Level (JLPT N2)
[Welcome Skill]
Excel VBA skills
(Even if you do not have practical experience, you can do it at the level you studied at school or yourself)
HTML, image processing skills
Interpreter / translation
[Salary] 4 - 6 million JPY Annually
[Working hours] 09:00 -18:00
Saturday-Sunday and Other Holidays
Summer Holiday 3 days
End Year & New Year 5 days
Paid Salary 10 to 20 days
Total annual holidays 115 days
[Overtime pay] Depending on the time.
Raise once a year, bonuses twice a year
Maternity leave, childcare leave system
Qualifications support system (will cheer to learn)
Qualification incentives (20,000 to 500,000 yen)
(For example DTP expert 20 Ten thousand yen)

[Insurance] Social insurance
[Commuting means] Public agencies only (train, bus)
[Transportation expenses] Full payment.

[How to apply]
Please send your resume at the following e-mail address:

For more details please registered at the following link: