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Native English Teacher Needed In High Sc (For Sale)

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Darcy prides itself on our attentive and caring teaching staff. Our schools offer a competitive salary, paid and sponsored work visa, assistance upon arrival, ongoing training and a pleasant work environment. Many teachers end up deciding to stay with us for multiple years. Our classes are small, usually under 10 kids/per class, so teachers can take more time with each student. We have classes for students from 3-18, as well as 1 on 1 classes for older learners. Salary: to 13 - 18k / month Hours: Full-time // Monday-Tuesday off Duties: - 20 teaching hours at most- Taking part in the school's special events- Attending meetings and training sessions- Providing feedback on student's learning progress Benefits: 1. Assistance to get work (Z) visa2. Health insurance3. Paid Chinese national holidays and Christmas4 Two weeks paid summer holidays5. Airfare ticket reimbursement6. A fully-furnished apartment Req