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UrgentStart Right Now14K & Free Acco (For Sale)

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To Apply visit this link:
American Family English: Tom's Family. We are one of the school branches in Huai'an, Jiangsu. Welcome! If you really like this job, Pl do not hesitate to contact the schoolmaster directly to make a quicker interview: Jacky: 1)wechat: Mr Seven1984 ortomfamily123; 2) phone: 86+18721808582; 3)email address: E6479@directapply. findworkabroad. com

Job details:
The students are aged from 3-12 years old
Class size: 5-12person Duty time: ASAP
Benefits and Salary for Foreign Teachers:
Salary: 12k-14k
Z visa: Owned
Housing allowance: Free Accommodation
Teaching Assistant: YES
Paid vocation and leave: Negotiated
Accident Insurance & medical insurance for every employee
1. Related teaching experience is preferred.
2. Non-native with good accent.
3. The teacher has lively and outgoing personality.
4. Have passion for the kids education and be patient with children. About Huai'an, Jiangsu: http