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UrgentStart Right Now14K & Free Acco (For Sale)

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About Jenny's Palace English Center: As a professional English center for K-12 students, the philosophy of Jenny's Palace English Center (JPEC) is ' HOME', which is demonstrated through the concepts of Welcome & Acceptance; Respect & Appreciation; Care & Encouragement. JPEC has created a 24-hour language curriculum system, developed using multiple teaching methods, such as student-centered theory, CLIL, TPR, Interactive Activities, Positive Feedback System, etc. JPEC's educational goal is to mold children into high-caliber global citizens equipped with multi-language and cross-cultural communication abilities. Responsibilities and requirements Responsibilities: Prepare lessons and teach young children from 3 to 12 years old. Provide demonstration classes as required. Help students improve their English ability. Provide advice and assistance to students, in and out of the classroom. Promote and preserv