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19000RMB With Apartment Per Month, High (For Sale)

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To Apply visit this link:
Job vacancy: Full-time job
Seeking two Oral English teachersfor grade 7to 11around 45 students in each classat Wu Ya high school in Hunan province ----15 minutes by taxifrom Chenzhou xi high speed train station. Each teacherwill teach5 differentclasses fromgrade 7 to grade 11and will teach foraround 25 hoursin total per week in every semester(office hours not included). The teachersneed to teach from Monday to Friday. The teaching job will startin Februaryor March and last for 15 weeks.

Weekends: off
Address: Beihu district, Lanzhou, human province,
Requirement: Native English speaker(from Britain, America, Australia, New Zealand, or Canada)with teaching experience.
The teachersshould be responsible, active, well-prepared and diligent.
The following is paid for by the employer:
accommodation, transportation and meals
Salary: 19000 RMB.
Whoever is interested please apply online.

Salary: 19000 C