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taizhou zhejiang
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Visual Diagnosis Of Gear Pumps (For Sale)

Parker Gear Pump explains the visual diagnosis of the gear pump: Observing the fault location and damage, it is often possible to judge the cause of the fault.

1 Observe the presence or absence of air bubbles and discoloration (white turbidity, blackening, etc.) in the working oil in the fuel tank. The noise, vibration and creep of the hydraulic equipment are often related to a large number of air bubbles in the oil.

2 Observing the oil leakage at the sealing part, the joint surface, etc., combined with the observation of the profile pressure and the pressure adjustment, etc., it can be found that the seal breaks the pressure chamber cavity and other irregularities. Observe the quality of the processed workpiece and analyze it, and observe whether the equipment is shaken, crawled and unevenly run, and find out the cause of the failure.