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Anshan High-tech Zone, Liaoning Province (For Sale)

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We have a vacancy for an oral ESL teacher for our grades 5 to 8 beginning on August 25th 2019. Our school is situated close to Yuncheng, in Shanxi province. It is around 1 hour from Xi'an and 5 hours from Beijing by high speed train. You will teach between 18 and 22 classes per week, no weekend classes. A fully furnished singular apartment is provided free of charge with no charge for utilities. Three free meals a day are provided in school should you wish. The starting salary is 8, 300 RMB per month. Winter holiday is fully paid and summer holiday (2 months) is paid at half salary should you renew your contract for another year. An airfare and travelling allowance of 10, 000 RMB is paid on successful completion of the contract. Other benefits are available and will be discussed at the contract stage. We can provide a working visa for most nationalities as long as you have the relevant documents. If y