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Half Day Work! Work Visa And Accommodati (For Sale)

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To Apply visit this link:
A teaching opportunity in kindergarten in Tianhe district, Guangzhou is available for native English speakers to start immediately. The position information includes the following.
Job description:
* Teaching English;
* You are required to teach kindergarten students;
* The students are aged from 3-6 years old;
* The base salary is 10000 RMB per month
*10000 RMB flight allowance or as bonus will be paid after completing a one-year contract(Choose one)
* Z visa is provided;
* Free health & accident insurance provided;
Teaching Schedule:
*4 day half day work: 8: 00am-11: 30am
*1 day full day work: 8: 00 am-4: 30pm
*weekends off;

* Native English speakers;
* Bachelor degree or higher education background;
* TEFL/TESOL certificate;
* At least 2 years of teaching experience;
To apply for the job, please directly apply it here, or send email to: cherry@findworkab