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ASAPUp To 13K For Non-native English Tea (For Sale)

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To Apply visit this link:
Foreign Teachers Requirements
Nationality requirements: No
Educational requirements: Bachelor degree or above
Professional requirements: English major would be preferred. Tesol/tefl would be pref erred.
Gender requirements: whether male or female
Age requirements: less than 40 years old
Teaching experience: over one year teaching experience
Start Date: July, 2019

Job Details
Address: Qiqihar
Subject To Teach: English
Teaching Hours per week: 32 class hours
Office Hours per week: 40 hours
Working Days per week: 6 days
Salary and Benefits
Contract Length: 1-3 year
Salary: RMB10,000-18,000 (It depen ds on the experience)
After Tax or Before Tax: After tax
Airfare Allowance and Pay Date: International airfare allowance RMW6000 with o ne school year completed contract
Insurance: One-year Chinese health and accident insurance
Apartment: Provide a one-year well-furnished apartment
Electric, Water and I