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Pharmacy Database Management- CustomSoft (For Sale)

Pharmacy Database Management System is developed to manage database of the pharmaceutical shop. This is done by creating a database of the available medicines in the shop.
This application is useful for all pharmaceutical shops.
Features of Pharmacy Database Management System-
Billing, Invoices printing
Online order placing
Stock records
Report generation
Suppliers details
Methodology of Pharmacy Database Management System
Pharmacist first check availability of the medicine by entering name or code of the medicine. After checking the availability, the Database sends the status to the Pharmacy Database process. Then the Pharmacy Database process gives the status to the client and according to the status the client buys the product and pays the bill and the external entity Accounts than generates the bill for the purchased product. Pharmacist then place new order to the suppliers for another stock.
If medicine is not available pharmacist will place an order to the supplier and can mention tentative date of availability. On the date mentioned, pharmacist will get reminder to check availability / status of the placed order. After acceptance of the order placed pharmacist can cancel/ stop reminder. If order is not received on the mentioned date pharmacist can carry on the reminder facility.

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