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05, Jolly Bhavan
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International Tax Consulting Services (For Sale)

Prakash Jhunjhunwala & Co. is a leading tax consultant in Mumbai, helping some of the most recognized companies in the world work differently. Our success comes from a shared belief in rolling up our sleeves and doing the hard work of solving complex challenges, executing plans and implementing technology to help transform organizations. Working as a consultant you will be connected to work that matters, putting your expertise to its best use while developing skills for the future.

We offer the best international tax consulting services to make your life easier and legitimate. There are numerous of taxation consulting companies exist to choose from, but it is crucial to you to find a specialist taxation consulting company which can offer the best international consulting services as the latest regulations and emerging trends. We are a team of experts international tax consultant the make is the best International Tax Consulting Firm.

Our Specialized International Tax Consulting Services are as follows:

Entry Strategy in India
Merger & Acquisition
Client Entrance Strategy
Branch / Company Setup in India
Compliance with FEMA Regulations
Tax Restructuring and Business Modelling
Valuation Services
Indirect Tax Compliances
Compliance with Employee and allied Laws
Customer and Supplier Market Research
Supply Chain Management