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Real Estate Rental
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Navi Mumbai
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Luxurious Coworking Space At Lower Parel (For Sale)

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Lower Parel is a thriving hub of business in the financial capital of India, housing many a well-known name in media, finance and technology companies. This coworking space in lower parel, Mumbai is surrounded by luxury skyscraper apartments, upscale restaurants and pubs, high-end malls. The center has a total capacity of 200+ workstations and 6 meeting rooms. The seating plan includes premium cabins, fixed desks and flexible desk arrangements.

The center is completely secure with entry allowed only through access card. Hi-tech infrastructure facilities that include Video Projection, Video Conferencing, High Speed Internet. Depending on the plans, members get complimentary Meeting Credits which can be redeemed across meeting rooms in coworking space in Mumbai and another metro cities. Renting Office space in Lower Parel is always a challenge for start-ups and small businesses and this coworking space in mumbai is a dream come true.

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