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Critical Care Services (Trade)

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Critical care services must be medically necessary and reasonable. Services provided that do not meet critical care services or services provided for a patient who is not critically ill or injured in accordance with the above definitions and criteria but who happens to be in a critical care, intensive care, or other specialized care units should be reported using another appropriate E/M code (e.g., subsequent hospital care, CPT codes 99231 99233). Critical care services encompass both treatments of vital organ failure and prevention of further life-threatening deterioration of the patients condition. Therefore, although critical care may be delivered in a moment of crisis or upon being called to the patients bedside emergently, this is not a requirement for providing critical care service. The treatment and management of the patients condition, while not necessarily emergent, shall be required, based on the threat of imminent deterioration (i.e., the patient shall be critically ill or injured at the time of the physicians visit). To know more visit us: or email us at- or call us at- 888-357-3226 (Eight-Eight-Eight-Three-Five-Seven-Three-Two-Two-Six).