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Foreign Teacher Manager Needed In Kinder (For Sale)

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To Apply visit this link:
We are looking for one qualified and experienced foreign teacher manager to join our team. We are located in Haikou, and our school is one of the best schools in Haikou. You can enjoy the sunshine and beach here, you will get your wonderful experience here. So join U's

Job description:
* Manage foreign teacher (4 person per team)
* Organize teacher training workshops that respond to school's needs
* Organize and co-lead focused and action-oriented weekly meetings with teachers
* You are required to complete other work assigned by the principal
* You will be required to teach as well
* The students age are from 3-6 years old
* Class size: no more than 16 kids per class

* The base salary is 18000 RMB per month
* Work visa is provided
* Housing allowance is provided
*2000 monthly bonus will be paid 5 months total at the end of the semester
* One way ticket for one year contract, one r