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International High School English Native (For Sale)

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To Apply visit this link:

Guiyang International school is seeking an English native high school teacher in March 2019

Arthur following materials needed before interview.
1 First page photo of FT's passport
2 FT's photo as in passport
3 FT's CV & Video
4 Photo of degree
5 Photo of Work Permitif have
6 Photo of Residence Permitif have

Location Guiyang Guizhou province
♦ School Type International high school
♦ School-Running Permit Yes
Current FTs6
Student Ages16-18
Student Numbers15-25
♦ Weekly Class Hrs/ Work Hrs26 hours
♦ Weekly Days Off2 Ds
♦ Paid Annual Leave No
Summer Vacation30 Ds/Pay 50%
Winter Vacation 30 Ds/Pay 50%

Recruiting Numbers8-12
AFT Types Work visa
Post/Subject ELA
Attaching Experience2 years
Gender/ Age6-17
Degree / Major University
♦ Negotiable Take-home Pay15-18 K
♦ Housing Subsidy or Apt. 2 K
♦ Flight Subsidy10 K
♦ Arrival Date Before April. 2019