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We are here to organise an exhibition Plus points to book stall with us is 19th and 20th are Saturday and Sunday Before a week of diwali so conclusion people will tend to purchase and shopping stuffs Thirdly stall price are not so high that exhibitior can't earn ! We have conceptualise the event according to exhibitiors We provide meal as lunch and dinner and high tea also to exhibitior for two days Higher reach of audience as there is no other event on that event day We will be offering a brand to your business Platform also for womens who runs a boutique or other from home
On 19th - 20th Oct 2019
From 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
At Ashoka green 100ft road, shobaghpura, Udaipur
Stall Price:
1 Day -6000/-
2 Days -12000/-
Tables - 2
Chairs - 2
Full Stall - Open Table

For more details Contact Us: +91 9703949871 | Mail ID: