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A Beautiful Training Center, 30k Looking (For Sale)

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Field Education is a professional training center. The school HQ is located in Beijing city, there are more than 300 campus in many cities arose China. Each candidate is assigned a professional recruiter and a visa handler. We provide bilingual caseworkers to help our candidates get settled in China as they arrive.

Job Description: · & nbsp ; &nb sp; &nbs p ; School Type: Professional Training Centers in Beijing City.
· & nbsp ; &nb sp; &nbs p ; Contract Length: 12 Month Contract
· & nbsp ; &nb sp; &nbs p ; Schedule: 5 days per week, 2 da ys off. · & nbsp ; &nb sp; &nbs p ; Teaching Hours: There are no more than 40 hours weekly including office hours, no more than 25 te aching hours weekly.
· & nbsp ; &nb sp; &nbs p ; Students: 2-12 years old
· & nbsp ; &nb sp; &nbs p ; Classroom fully equipped with computer, projector, whiteboard, a nd microphone
· & nbs