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Level 6 IDipOSH @ ASHEI (Notice)

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Welcome you to best training facility in India ISO 9001 :2015 certified training organisation.
We are the No.1 Safety Training Institute In Kochi with direct accreditation to British Safety Council.
We have batches in every month. Expert tuition from our professional CMIOSH tutors.
Best Training offered in the region under the lead of Gulf return tutors with international exposure.
Course Content
The International Diploma is divided into Three units, each of which is assessed separately:
Unit 1: Principles of health and safety Management.
Unit 2: Safeguarding People's Health in the Workplace.
Unit 3: Promoting a Positive Health and Safety Culture in the Workplace.

The International Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health exam is assessed in Three units:
The Unit 1: Principles Health and Safety Management 3 Hrs written exam.
.The Unit 2: Safeguarding People's Health in the Workplace 2.5 Hrs written exam and 5000 words assignment.
The Unit 3: Promoting a Positive Health and Safety Culture in the Workplace 10,000 words Assignment only.
All the Candidate scripts are marked by external examiners appointed by British Safety Council.

Successfully completing the International Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health leads to Graduate Membership of IOSH. This is the first step to becoming a Chartered Health and Safety Practitioner as a Chartered Member of IOSH (CMIOSH)

Results and certificates issued within 30 working days.
Class sta