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Final Year Projects & Internship - P (Notice)

Pantech Solutions, an Organization stared in the year of 2004, involved in the Product Development and the Technical Training Activities. We are the manufacturer of embedded development boards, IoT Modules, Power Electronics & Drives and Control System Equipments. Currently we are working with IoT, AI, Machine Learning and the Deep Learning Applications and we are keen on implementing the ML and AI on Robotics and the Autonomous Control Application.

We well versed in providing Technical Training to the Students & Staff Community on the recent trends of Electronics, Electrical, Robotics and Software Domains. We are closely working with Industries on customized design services and the Academics on funded projects. We too support on implementing the academic Project for UG and PG students. We trust Hands on Training will make students community more comfortable on the Project development and it enrich them towards the industry demands. The entire training program will be Hands on Training methodology. We provide the training in the form of Value Added Courses, Internships, Project Guidance, Faculty Development Programs, Workshops and Guest Lectures.

Pantech Services:
Final Year Projects (IEEE based)
Internship with Major & Mini Projects
Paper Publish (Journals & Conferences)
Training Job Oriented Training Programme
Manufacturer of Development Boards Embedded, Power Electronics, DSP & FPGA
Algorithm Developer ML, DL, AI, NLP.
Finalyear project