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International Courier Srv Ludhiana To (For Sale)

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Xpressway Worldwide is one of fast growing international courier companies in India based in Ludhiana Punjab. Xpressway Worldwide has the largest network for logistics import export and offer personalized international courier and cargo services through our multiple product range like Sending Personal Belongings, Samples, Documents & Commercial Shipments Worldwide.
Please contact us to send Courier Parcel to USA, UK & Worldwide, Also contact us for discounted rates to Send eatable sweets, pickle, jams etc to USA, UK & Worldwide, Send Personal Belongings to USA, UK & Worldwide on competitive charges.
Xpressway Worldwide has today successfully emerged as an International Air Courier & Cargo giant leaping into the new millennium. In this highly competitive scenario, we are the most credible and trusted providers having highly experiences persons form the logistic industries.
We are also offering Door to Door Import courier services, Door To Door Export courier services, Air cargo services and custom clearance services in Region of Northern India. We ship via DHL Express, TNT Courier, UPS Aramex. We also providing Courier & Cargo Services via Self Networks for UK & Europe.
If you are Sending packages, Samples, parcels, Gifts Packets, personal goods or any household products, food preparation, temple, wedding cards, carving, Books to USA Canada Australia UK European Countries, Please do contact us.
Our prices for door to door courier cargo parcel & shipping rates to USA Canada