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System Engineer (Wanted)

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Position name: System Engineer
Vacancies: 5 person
Employment: Full time employment
Department: System Development Department
Work location: Work at the project site (Tokyo)
Training/Trial Period: (3 months) There is also the possibility of contracting with contract employees.
Working hours: 09:00〜18:00

Main Business:
Contract development
Sam Business is good at contract development in various scenes.
From a total solution proposal to individual system development, a small team of engineers who can meet a wide range of needs and seeds is waiting for development projects. Please feel free to contact us for consultation and quotation.

Overall system development
・Requirement definition, basic design, detailed design, manufacturing, testing, etc.
Industry: Mainly securities and insurance
・System Architect

Must Condition:
Development experience in Java, C, C ++, C #, Perl, PHP, VB, Python, etc.
Development experience on Windows, UNIX, Linux, database knowledge
2 years or more experience in system development
Japanese business level (N2 or higher)"

Benefits & Welfare

Expected annual salary when entering the company: 4 million yen to 6 million yen

Treatment conditions / sales bonus: 1 year (July)
Overtime allowance, full payment of transportation expenses, etc.
Holiday: Weekly 2 days

Application Method:
Please send us your English & Japanese resumes at: