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Wound Care Compliance For Getting Paid (Trade)

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When a physician employs a staff member in his/her own office under the Part B payment rules, he/she can bill for services provided by staff as if the physician performed the service. It is important not to confuse the incident to care rules of OPPS with the incident to payment rules of Medicare Part B. It has come to CMS officials attention that there is a high volume of hospitals billing provider-based services.
There are many steps that need to take place prior to a wound centers opening to ensure the applicable rules and regulations have been complied with, otherwise, hospitals and physicians run the risk of submitting improper claims for the services they render. MedicalBillersandCoders (MBC) can help you in wound care billing as our experienced billers and coders know how to remain compliant with these guidelines. To know more visit us: or email us at- or call us at- 888-357-3226 (Eight-Eight-Eight-Three-Five-Seven-Three-Two-Two-Six).