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European Candidates Accepted! Work As En (For Sale)

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Quanzhou is base in Fujian province which is near Taiwan, China. It is a second tier city where you can totally enjoy your life there. There is no air pollution in Quanzhou, you will be able to easily travel to Xiamen which is one of the most popular tourism cities in China. We are looking 2 qualified teachers to join our training center in Quanzhou, we welcome to see your job application Job Dscription: * Teach English * You are required to teach at training center. * The students age are from 2-12 years old * Class size: 10 kids per class Benefits: * The basic salary is 13000 RMB After Tax. (One month probation. Probation period salary is 10000 RMB After Tax). * Paid Chinese Public Holidays * Work Visa will be provided after Probation * Free apartment is provided * Work more than 1 years can apply for more benefits Working hours: * Work 5 days, 2 days off a week(Normally is Monday and Tuesday) *8 hours a da