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Health Care
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Salt Lake City
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Promotion Sale | Buy 5 CardioChek Bundle (For Sale)

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The CardioChek PA Analyzer is a fast portable blood test system which provides accurate cholesterol testing results in two minutes or less. It's a revolutionary test system to quickly measure blood components, diabetes, and lipid screening. Available at MedTek at a great price.

Now buy 5 CardioChek Bundles and receive Ancillary Supplies for FREE

* 5 Bags Capillary Collectors (PTS-2866)
* 1 Box Lancets
* 1 Box Nitrile Exam Gloves (200/Bx)
* 1 Sleeve Deluxe Gauze Pads
* 1 Box Alcohol Prep Pads
* 1 Box Band-aids
* A $75.00 Value

To know more about the product, visit our website,

Sales inquiries CONTACT US at:
8619 S. Sandy Parkway #105
Sandy, UT 84070
Call us: 801-561-3339 (or) Email us: support@e-medtek