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Health Care
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Salt Lake City
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Healthiest Bread You Ever Tried | Cal (For Sale)

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WiO offers White sliced bread at less than of the calories of regular white bread. With 18 full sized slices, WiO white sliced bread is perfect for breakfast, a sandwich or just a snack. The worst thing about eating normal bread is the high amount of carbs it contains. We have a perfect solution. Try our WiO Smart Sliced bread. A Low Carb and Fat-free wheat bread that contains more protein than any other nutrient. So yummy, toasted or right out of the bag.

To learn more about WiOs Digestibility Corrected products, visit our website:

Sales inquiries CONTACT US at:
8619 S. Sandy Parkway #105
Sandy, UT 84070
Call us: 801-561-3339 (or) Email us:

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