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Creative arts publishing
1943 Henderson Ave Colorado Springs Colorado 80904
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A compelling, mind twisting read that is full of adventure. In this exciting read we find the main character's life going through twists and turns to have the rich life he feels he deserves. Born and raised in a small town in New Mexico Robert tries to acquire the good life by all the wrong means. This thrilling read takes you through Robert and his friends lives to an unexpected end.

Jon reported the watercourse on the 13110 Level he started Tews mind gears spinning. For the first time the shadow of a doubt began creeping into his mind. He couldnt be wrong about this distance could he? No way and Tew always stuck by his measurements they were always calculated very carefully checked and rechecked, but he would stay in very close contact with Jon. There was no way he could be wrong about something this significant. To make such a critical mistake would cost many lives and his career; he could not, would not allow his mind to take him on this tragic trip. But against his wishes his mind was taking him there anyway. In his minds eye the film starts the way most disaster movies do at the beginning…

By Levell Strait