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Local Business:
808 Auha St Honolulu Hawaii 96813

Two New MUST HAVE Products for ANY Computer Driven Business

File Recovery Flash Drive for Employers Who Must Get Into a Former Employee's Password Protected Computer

You’ve got a Problem!!
Your Key Employee Left Without Giving His/Her Computer Password.
If your employee has quit his/her job leaving you high and dry WITHOUT being able to access work files from your former employee’s computer


Ultimate Computer Virus Removal and Security Instructions and Kit by Computer Virus Removal Specialist and Dual Certified Teacher J. Richard Kirkham

Computer Viruses are Dangerous Because They Will Steal Your:

Credit card information
Bank account information
Usernames by recording your keystrokes and sending them to the computer hackers
Passwords by recording your keystrokes and sending them to the computer hackers

Today’s computer viruses, spyware, ransomeware, scareware and malicious software will:

* Shut down your antivirus software

* Lock you out of your computer even if you pay the fake fine from the FBI computer virus scam

* Allow you only internet access to the hacker’s site after scaring you with fake anit-virus warnings that will not go away until you click the “BUY” button

* Scare you with system errors with a program that will not go away AFTER it shuts down all your antivirus and spyware protection programs

* Stop you from installing software to remove the computer virus. That’s right! They protect themselves now!

* Install more computer viruses and spyware once a computer virus hacks through your security and invades your computer.
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List of In Home and Onsite Computer Services and Lessons Honolulu Hawaii and All of Oahu and Remotely for The World!,3.msg3.html#msg3

Honolulu Hawaii and ALL of Oahu

Call or Text Dual Certified Teacher, Virus Removal Specialist and Internet Expert J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. 224-1870

The rest of the world email Rick @

Permission is granted to copy and paste appropriate product and service announcements and send them to your friends in need.

I’ll Setup Your Computer For You - Honolulu Hawaii and All o f Oahu,3.msg4361.html#msg4361

In Home Computer Lessons Honolulu Hawaii and All of Oahu Apple and Windows Included in List!

In Home Computer Lessons In Tagalog Honolulu Hawaii and All of Oahu,3.msg3981.html#msg3981

In Home Computer Lessons In Ewa Beach Hawaii and All of Oahu,3.msg3977.html#msg3977