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Miss jj's personal training
Do it for yourself
5800 SOUTH STREET Long Beach California 90713
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Hey there ladies!

Do you go to the gym but still feel uncomfortable around strangers watching you sweat? Does all your gym effort still not reach the goals you want for your body?

Do you attempt to train at home but find that you lack the inspiration?

Well, I can help solve all your problems. I offer my private, home based business as your personal trainer. I, myself train in multiple studios for pole dancing fitness, aerial silks, boxing, and Muay Thai. However, numerous women have all confessed to me their fear of working out in public, or their lack of empowerment when working out alone, as well as their uncomfortability of sweating in front of strangers.

No matter how poor your current level of fitness, we can start you on an exercise routine and become fitter and healthier. Having a one on one trainer gives you a customized fitiness regimine that's specific to your body, your needs, and your goals.

Yes, you can always call up a girlfriend to run around the block with, but studies show 68% of women do not even know the correct work outs to tackle what it is they really want to tackle about their bodies.

Did you know that studies show that 92% of all women who participate in some kind of sport experience higher than average levels of self-esteem and less depression? Yes it's true. They also report being happier, they have more energy and felt they were in excellent health more often than non-exercising women. Also, women who exercise weigh less, have lower levels of blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides and have lower blood pressure than non-exercising women. (Glanz, K., Sorensen, G. & Farmer, A. (1996). "The health impact of worksite nutrition and cholesterol intervention programs." American Journal of Health Promotion.)

To address all the components of fitness, an exercise program needs to include aerobic exercise, which is continuous repetitive movement of large muscle groups that raises your heart rate (your warm up); weight lifting or strength training; and flexibility exercises or stretching.

I have a 2 bedroom apartment, one room as a dance room, a large living room, and an area with hardwood floors. I, myself have a yoga mat for you (it is disinfected with wipes and spray after every use), bring your own water, and a face towel. I will help you achieve every bodily goal you've ever wanted. I will even keep track in a notebook that will be given to you, and you will be expected to bring every time, in regards to your weight, body fat, work out, and progress.

We will always start with a 15 minute warm up, all the lights dim, candles lit, and a soothing playlist to help you relax your mind, body and spirit.

After our warm up, we will tackle what we need to reach your goal.

Ending with a cool down, to relax your muscles, and help your flexibility.

But my main goal as your trainer is to help you look the way you want to look, and feel the way you deserve to feel.