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407 391 7927

Perfect Price PC Perfect Price PC

Orlando Orlando Florida 32812
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Your computer keeps freezing on start up, displays anti virus pop ups wanting you to pay, starts slow, takes forever to load a page? programs acting sluggish? Before you take your PC or Laptop to a shop give us a try, 9 times out of 10 we can fix it remotely! Get friendly help now! 100% Guaranteed. We logon and repair your computer while you watch, Safely and Easily with security equivalent to a VPN connection. We use the same technology that Nasa, AT&T and thousands of other major corporations use. We connect and troubleshoot with you online now to evaluate your computer problems in minutes

We remove viruses, malware, spyware and unnecessary bloatware programs and files to enhance your systems performance. We configure wireless networks, printers and more. Self help is fun, but way too time consuming, and don't you have something better you could be doing? We also recover lost data from your Hard Drive, emails from Outlook. We realize how important your time is and when Microsoft Outlook keeps you from getting your work done we have experts to go in and repair your Outlook inbox issues quickly, recovery lost data and get you back in business fast. And all of this is handled remotely (while you watch) All work is 100% unconditionally guaranteed.
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