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General Merchandise
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District Of Columbia
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4000 Livingston Road SE Suite 301 Washington District Of Columbia 20032
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Welcome to Judah Sun Imports. We offer free drop shipping of our liquidations and closeout merchandise!

We sell a variety of quality merchandise at liquidation prices, and have multiple distribution centers all over the US. When you buy from Judah Sun Imports you are buying from the source.

At Judah Sun Imports we simplify your process of managing a retail business by providing a bridge that connects suppliers with merchants and eliminates the burden of inventory, packaging, and shipping. We at Judah Sun Imports know exactly what our retailers want

Quality merchandise,
At the lowest cost
With no hassles... which equates to one thing... Highest Maximum Profit possible for you valued our customer.

That is why it is our number one priority to help our customers reach their financial goals with exceptional products at liquidation prices.

We at Judah Sun Imports invite you and your business to succeeded, grow and celebrate with us at your side.

We at Judah Sun Imports will grow your small business since
we drop ship for you worldwide, you can build your business
without touching the product.

We ship direct FOB points from all over the US. We have a freight department to handle your shipping at the lowest possible rates.

Our superior customer service is exceptional and we build relationships to increase repeat sales.

Welcome to the new Innovator in your business success... Welcome to Judah Sun Imports.
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