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911 Tax Relief Do you own IRS $10,000 plus ?

8345 NW 66 St #6916 Miami Florida 33166
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911 Tax Relief was officially founded in 2010, although our professional staff members have been in the tax industry for many years. As a tax debt relief provider, we have successfully helped our clients gain the tax debt relief they needed.

Our team is comprised of skilled tax professionals, licensed agents and in-house staff members. Together we are united to mediate and resolve the most common or complicated tax issues today. Every department works efficiently to give the highest level of care for our clients. From the moment you call the Client Services Department, a competent agent will assist and gather information pertinent for the tax situation at hand.

No two people are alike; often no two IRS problems are alike.

Thus, 911 Tax Relief provides individual service to fit a client's exact need.

Our licensed tax agents have many years of dealing with the IRS. We know how the IRS thinks and how they will react to various offers. This knowledge allows us to determine the best course of action to solve a multitude of tax problems.
Our experts know all the tax rules, procedures and facts. They will combine all their expertise to work for you.
We can handle appeals. Sometimes the IRS rejects an offer. We know how to appeal that rejection and arrive with a very good compromise agreement.
Our professionals do the work themselves. We don't farm out to other companies. The person working on your case is the same person processing the IRS on your behalf.

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