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Restaurant Vendor Bid For Restaurant Operators

53137 Elysia Drive Detroit Michigan 48051
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In this competitive industry of ours, what independent restaurant or bar owner doesnt want to save money on services and products? As a former independent restaurant owner, I understand the challenges you face, which is why I created Restaurant Vendor Bid (RVB), the place where independent operators can access nationally recognized vendors and member-exclusive discounts.

In the short time since launching RVB, we have established a number of money-saving programs, including:

15% off of a national restaurant/bar jobs board, including resume collection
10% off food safety and alcohol compliance training through a national vendor
20% off, plus a free month, of payroll processing from a national providerif you already use a payroll service, we guarantee 20% savings
20% off published pricing from a national provider of in-house music and digital signage
20% off of a national recognized customer loyalty program
15% off of refrigeration gaskets

Unlike other programs, we do not charge a huge fee to join, have no minimum purchase requirements, and work well with other programs you belong to. Use any distributor you want: we guarantee you will not find the programs that we offer at cheaper cost anywhere else. Why? Because we dont charge our vendor partners to join, nor do we charge them commissions, leaving a heap of savings to pass on to our valued members.

Remember: each new membership brings u

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