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Vines Woodworks, Inc. Custom stair builders

3660 Vann Road Trussville Alabama 35173
We are a full service turn-key custom stair builders and parts distributor specializing in radius and curved freestanding custom stairs. We install everything that has to do with stairs, whether it be a few steps for a homeowner, a straight, freestanding, or curved staircase for a builder, or commercial. We do all phases of construction, including: new homes, remodeling, additions, as well as commercial stairs. We work long hours, supply our own top quality stair parts, which we have a fully stocked warehouse of which we carry all standard stair parts and wrought iron. and we are able to custom make or order anything in any size no matter how large or small the job. We are reasonably priced and we save our customers the headache of hiring a supplier and a carpenter plus the time it takes to order and deliver and if anything is wrong there is additional waiting. Our parts and workmanship come with a lifetime limited warranty.

NO job too big or too small!! Though we mainly work in the Birmingham Metro area, Trussville, and within 100 miles of Birmingham, we have worked in Lubbock, Texas and are willing to travel anywhere for moderately large to large projects!

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