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New York
New York City
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347-228-3956 Professional drywall finish

807 willow rd west New York City New York 10314
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Specializing in:

Commercial & residential
Sheetrock, sound proofing
Flood damage
Plaster, plaster
Skim coat
(Day rate may apply to certain jobs call for more info)

we use zip wall when taping and skim coating in Customers homes....
It is a temporary plastic wall that separates the work area from the rest of your house to contain the dust that is caused by sanding this is the most effective way of controlling dust in your home.

---------Watch video at

Call Kenny at (347)-228-3956 & tell me what you have... Best way to reach me is by phone Unfortunately I do not check my emails daily... weekly at best.

Visit website for more info & detailed photos of before and after (always d)

Visit: My Facebook page. (

Visit my YouTube channels (

Your home's interior work will be performed by expert drywall finishers.

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