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Certified Mobile CPR, LLC. Cracked Screen Repair

Valley Wide Device Screen Repair Gilbert Arizona 85298
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We come to you!! We use only Premium Quality OEM parts. We are a mobile cellular phone repair service! We will come to your home or office and complete your repair onsite in our vehicle usually in about 30 minutes!!

Crack your screen on your mobile device and not eligible for an upgrade? Don't have or want to spend $500+ to buy a new phone? Qualify for an upgrade but need to get your cracked screen repaired in order to utilize your cellular carriers trade-in program? If you want to get the most value out of your trade-in devicelet Certified Mobile CPR Protect your Mobile Lifeline!

With 15 years wireless experience we understand the importance of communication. Our phones are our lifelines! At Certified Mobile CPR we make you a priority with our Valley Wide mobile repair service. Our Certified Technicians are licensed and insured and our services are guaranteed.

We specialize in repairing devices with cracked screens on ALL iPhone models and most Samsung devices. We replace the damaged LCD and cracked digitizers (glass). We also fix cracked screens on iPads & Tablets. Plus we fix a variety of other components including battery replacement, ear speaker, loud speaker, camera, home and on/off buttons, and most charging ports. We offer a Valley Wide Pick up & Delivery service for iPad repairs...we come to you! Call as soon as you need the repair and we will work on getting your cellular device back to in working order ASAP!
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