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Polk.Work Polk Premier Job Network

2175 Malachite Drive Lakeland Florida 33810
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Polk.Work is a job board much like Craigslist, Monster, and Indeed. The biggest difference is we not only share your ad on our website ( but also on our Facebook page and across several other local employment groups via social media. With our introductory pricing each ad is only $10 making us more affordable than any other option available while providing the additional value of expanded social media coverage.

We're Affordable - Pay per click job boards can be very expensive and lead to wasted money. On other websites your ad can get buried under scams or repeat ads that have been posted over and over again. We provide exceptional value with expanded social media coverage and unparalleled customer service for as little as $10.

We're Effective - There are over 100,000 people in the groups we post jobs in. Our Facebook page alone reaches over 20,000 people a week! Polk.Work puts your ad in front of thousands of local candidates who are actively seeking employment.

Outstanding Customer Service - We provide world class customer service ensuring each one of our customers is 100% satisfied

Easy To Use - We offer a simple way for job seekers and job posters to connect. No bouncing from one job board to another, no confusing application process. Just a job description and how to apply. The way it should be.

We're Scam Free - No work from home, MLM, and pyramid schemes. all of our posts are legitimate employment opportunities.
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