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J&G Motors
New Jersey
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J&G Motors LLC J&G - Buy/Sell/Trade/Repair

206 Warwick Road N. Camden New Jersey 08045
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J&G Motors LLC is the best place to go in Camden County for regularly scheduled maintenance. We are committed to achieving 100% customer service satisfaction. Rest assured that our trained technicians are intimately familiar with your vehicle, and will gladly provide uncomplicated answers to your questions. Whether you drive a car or truck, foreign or domestic, our experienced technicians will ensure that your vehicle is treated with the utmost care and returned to you in working order.

J&G Motors specializes in:
repairs and maintenance of foreign and domestic vehicles (brakes, fluids, axles, rods, alignment, etc),
glass replacement,
towing service,
vehicle inspection/emission control,
spare parts & accessories,
body maintenance,
climate control servicing,
headlight restoration,
and more! Call us today!

As always, a "Check Engine" light inspection is FREE!

J&G Motors also offers a fine selection of pre-owned vehicles from the world's top vehicle manufacturers. Since you demand and deserve a safe vehicle, we offer only well-maintained, dependable cars for affordable prices. We want to see you drive away happy in a quality car or truck that fits your budget!

If your next service date is approaching, your vehicle is making a funny noise or just not driving like it used to, or you think maybe it's just time for a new ride altogether, our friendly and honest service and salesmen will be happy to help!

Call or visit us today!
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